Preparing for a Detox


a. Foods

When you are getting ready to start a detox, please do cut back as many processed foods as possible BEFORE you start your detox plan. Junk food, fried food, take away food, refined sugar, refined carbohydrates such as wheat, flour, bread and pasta. Red meat especially processed meat should be avoidable too.

You may start to eat more vegan based meals such as more greens , fruits, nuts and seeds, beans and fermented foods too. This will ease your body into the detoxification process and help to minimize the amount of side effect you feel while cleansing.

A few days preparation is great, and a week is even better. Try to change to light meals and avoid buffet.



b. Habits

If you have a few habits that may not be serving your health such as smoking or drinking large amounts of coffee and alcohol, do cut down on the frequency or even better to eliminate them. This is to ensure that you will enjoy the detoxing experiences.


c. Time

Best to detox while you are working so it will keep your mind occupied from not thinkings about cravings for food. Even you may be moody and tired or frequently to toilet but it will be the best option for you to stay busy. Just making sure that you stay hydrated all times, drink plenty of water and herbal tea.



As the conclusion, preparing the detox is just simple.

  • Eliminate sugar and processed food from diet·
  • Eliminate alcohol·
  • Reduce caffeine·
  • Get Extra sleep·
  • Stay hydrated at 2-2.5 litres of water·
  • Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to starting to make sure the cleanse is appropriate for you
  • Get your mind ready