"What is the different between our juice with others?"

We are selling COLD-PRESSED JUICES. COLD-PRESSED juicer is the latest technology and produce a much healthier juice. Our juices are purely 100% juice extracted from fruits and vegetables. There is no water and sugar added into our juices. Additionally, there is also no colouring, preservatives and flavouring added as well.


Cold-pressed juicers also best known as Masticating Juicers which are different from the centrifugal juice extractors Cold-pressed juicers works in a way that it will first, crushing and then pressing the fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. That is why they don’t produce as much heat like the Centrifugal Juice Extractors, they keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact. Cold-pressed juice is simply the closest thing to raw, pure fruit or vegetables, and allows you to get a concentrated amount of nutrients that would otherwise be difficult to achieve just by eating raw fruits and vegetables alone.

"How long is my juice good for?"

Our cold-pressed juices have to be kept refrigerated and to be consumed within 24 hours after opening. Or else if stay refrigerated 3-7 days. This is due to the juices are purely pressed from the natural fruits and vegetables without any preservatives.

"How long do I have after opening my juice?"

Our juices are good for about 8-12 hours after opening. Make sure to keep them cold as the juices will get spoilt easily and lose nutritional value at warm temperatures.

"Why is my juice separated? Is it spoiled?"

We do not filter, preserve or add any fillers nor sugar into the juices. Separation is natural and as long as the juice is within the consumption period and refrigerated properly, a two tone juice does not indicate spoilage. Always refrigerate your juice, shake before consuming, and enjoy within the comsumption period ie within 48 hours of purchase.

"How much juice is recommendable to drink per day?"

It is recommended to drink 960ml of vegetable juice and 340ml of fruit juice. Drink two cups of juice in the morning, one cup in the lunch, 1 cup in dinner.

"Juice can be stored to be frozen?"

Yes it can be but some nutrients may be lost. If you would like to keep them frozen, kindly transfer the juices into a plastic container because our glass bottles are not meant to keep frozen.

"How is juicing healthier than just eating the fruits and vegetables?"

When you eat a fruit or vegetable your body has to digest and extract the nutrients from it. This provides the nutrients to your body but at a very slow pace. When you juice a fruit or vegetable, your body does not have to go through the digestion and extraction process and therefore the nutrition is readily available to you at the time of consumption.

"How much time in between juices?"

We recommend drinking a juice every two hours.  Drink it slowly, chew it.  By drinking slowly you are allowing those nutrients to really soak in and do your body good.  Drink water in-between each juice.

"Are your juices really contains NO SUGAR? Why is it so SWEET?"

Yes, definitely NO SUGAR added. We only use ORGANIC Agave Nectar or RAW Wild flower Honey in some of the juices which clearly written on the label. Some of the juices are using RED APPLE which you may find it sweet but the natural sweetness are much different than artificial sugar sweetness. Due to also no Water added to dilute the juices, therefore you may find them taste so much different or you may find them SWEETER than the usual juices that you find in the market.



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