Choco Bliss


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Ingredients :

Raw Almond, Raw Cacao, Alkaline Water, Agave Nectar

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Product Description

100% Cold Pressed Juice extracted from fresh vegetables and fruits

NO sugar added

NO artificial flavouring

NO artificial preservatives

NO artificial colouring

NO water NOR ice cube added

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A good choice for those who are looking for dairy free milk as this juice is extracted from raw almond and also add on with the benefits from raw cacao powder. It is a much healthier option alternative than dairy or soy.

Raw cacao powder offers the flavors of chocolate while still retaining all the goodness of various nutrients.

It  is another “Superfood” that has more antioxidants than even acai berries and blueberries.

It contains natural mood stimulants that elevate moods and promote relaxation such as anandamide called ‘bliss chemical’ and arginine an essential amino acid that helps to reduce blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.

High levels of magnesium in cacao powder promote heart health, build strong bones and induce feelings of calmness and relax muscles.

Sulfur present in it helps build strong nails, beautiful skin, detoxifies the liver and helps optimal functioning of the pancreas.

The wonderful benefits of this superfoods goes long way to describe all. It is definitely a better choice than any other chocolate form of beverages.

The raw almonds do also has wonderful benefits, much better than daily milk. They aids to maintain healthy heart, weight loss, improves kidney health, and for bone strengthening too. Almonds also high in vitamin E which is good to maintain skin health.




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