Green Guava


Ingredients :

Guava, Apple


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Product Description

Guava juice contains vitamin C which functions as an antioxidant. In addition, guava also contains vitamins B, A, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Pectin. High fiber content in guava is good for improving digestion. Digestion that smooth will carry dirt that is not absorbed by the intestine, so it will not cause dirt deposits which resulted in an unhealthy state of the digestive tract.

Although it can be consumed directly, but most high nutrient content can be obtained if created as guava juice or fruit juice. The content of nutrients found in guava are, 14 mg of calcium, 28 mg of phosphorus, 1.10 mg of iron, 4 mg of vitamin B1, 87 mg of of vitamin C, and 12.2 mg of carbohydrate. 

Vitamin C content in guava is higher than in other fruits.

Fiber content is high enough on Guavas is good enough to facilitate digestion. Meanwhile, the benefits of pectin in Guavas is to lower cholesterol because pectin is able to bind cholesterol and bile acids in the intestines and help remove it. Guavas juice helps reduce heartburn and relieve constipation and thirst. Drinking a glass of Guavas juice every day routine at night makes the body fresh and healthy digestion.

Apples are great source of super antioxidants – polyphenol and flavonoids, that are beneficial for heart’s health. The alkalinity in apples assists in cleaning the destructive toxins/waste by-products from lvier in addition to maintaining the pH levels of body. Along with guava, this juice can assist to lower the cholesterol levels. Apples offer a number of healthy nutrients including vitamin C, iron and boron. These nutrients combine together to make your bone structure healthy and strong. A sufficient quantity of vitamin A is available in the apple juice. This vitamin helps in improving the eye vision and preventing eye disorders. Apple juice is the best defender against tumours and cancer, especially lung cancer.