Why Juusing?

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A very simple reason behind it, “if you can’t eat it, then you JUUS it.” It is refreshing, health benefits, convenience as well as YUMMY.

Juicing is the easiest and fastest way to increase your nutrient intake since nothing needs to be broken down by your digestive system.

You may not be able to eat as much as the same amount of fruits and vegetables as juicing.

There are also many people find that they are not able to eat certain vegetable or fruits. But instead they can be happily drink it.

Some are the flavours being hidden inside the juices which they may not able to take it when eating as whole.

Moreover, there are certain vegetables and fruits taste better when you juice instead of eating as whole.

The hidden benefits behind juicing is that 95% of all the nutrients contained within fruits and vegetables is contained within the juice.

Most important, our bodies can absorb healthy nutrients nearly 5 times greater and 3 times faster when drinking extracted juices than eating whole fruits and vegetables.

Juicing has many other benefits and it can go endless by stating these here. Therefore, we are only listing those may be your favourable benefits that include:

 juus time

Increased ENERGY!

Improved Focus

Better Digestion

Weight Loss

Much Stronger Immune System

Better Heart Health

Liver Detoxification

Much Healthier Skin, Hair, Nails, and Hygiene

Better Sense of Taste and Smell

Decreased Appetite